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by Ron on Jun 11, 2021 20:48 PM
Banner for PlayRF Project Announcement

Today we are officially announcing PlayRF, discussing some details behind the design of our game, and touching on what you can expect to see as testing begins.

What is PlayRF?

PlayRF is a classic inspired RF Online server project with a goal of focusing and improving upon the core fundamentals of the game. RF has a lot of great ideas met with poor execution. We aim to address fatal flaws of the game concept while staying true to the original feel.

We also want to provide you this experience both inside and outside of the game. We are not only building an in-game community, but we are also building a modern, intuitive, and highly interactive website community.

Our Team

We are a team of developers who are dedicated fans of RF Online. We have been around RF as players since the start. We love the game and know it well.

On the development side, we have a combined over 20 years experience working with RF. We also have a combined over 30 years experience working as developers professionally in the real world, each of us working with a variety of teams.

Our decades of combined experience alongside your support will help us reach our goal of providing a RF community we can all be proud of.

Server Configuration

We are going for a classic inspired feel. Expect what servers typically call "Classic RF", but with our own modernized and true fan-inspired spin.

Our server is built upon the RF-Dev Game Files. Since the 2232 update doesn't necessarily suit the classic feel, we are making various adjustments to strip away what we consider unnecessary bloat in the game.

The maximum level cap of gear will be 50. Rates will be 1x, but not in the traditional sense.

Rather than modifying experience rates through adjustment of a global rate value, we are adjusting experience requirements per level and experience given from monsters to develop our own unique leveling curve. We are also adjusting other aspects about the leveling experience as a whole that we think players will enjoy.

Item drops will be a similar configuration. Drop rates will be set to 1x and we will use other aspects about configuration of the game to control effective drops beyond using the typical blanket global drop rate adjustment. This will provide players with a much more consistent experience in regards to farming for items, and eliminate the need for alt characters just for the sake of farming.

We will stop there and leave the rest for later. We hope this answers some common questions and that this helps invoke some thoughts about what players want the server to be like. Look forward to Dev Logs explaining more. These dev logs will be similar to what we did on RF Community.

Our Website

Our website is powered by the RF-Dev GameCP. We have implemented a custom theme for PlayRF to help show off the GameCP's customization potential. The same backend powers both this website and the website shown in our original announcement screenshots. The only difference is the frontend theme.

If you missed our announcement, check it out on RF-Dev.

As time goes on, our website will evolve into a central RF community platform. Feedback will be used to shape our community and software to help provide the ultimate RF Online experience: a gaming experience designed for players' enjoyment instead of for players' wallets.

How to Play

We are currently in closed testing. Players will be invited to help with testing as we progress through our release goals.

We will invite players using game keys. A valid game key will be required to create an account. Once your account is created you will have full access to the game. You will also see some additional sections on our website that are currently restricted to logged-in users only.

Game keys are not available yet. A separate announcement will be made regarding obtaining game keys as we get closer to inviting players in for testing.

Test Phases

PlayRF will progress through multiple test phases. Certain test phases may result in game data wipes. All game data will be wiped at the end of testing and prior to our release.

Certain benefits will be available for participation in testing. We aren't ready to announce the perks yet, but we can ensure everyone that any and all benefits would be cosmetic in nature, and will not affect game progression in any way.


We will never sell in-game items for real world money. Period. Purchasing items with real money just doesn't fit the model of the original game.

A premium service level is being considered which would involve paying a monthly fee for specific benefits, similar to RF-Dev Subscriptions. If we decide to go this route the exact benefits will be decided later.

Our team will see revenue from later sales of the products empowering PlayRF, so using the server to generate revenue is not a priority. Server costs do exist however, and we have to cover these in some way until we grow. We are open to any feedback about how the community believes the server should be monetized, if at all.

Providing Feedback

Testers will have an official avenue for submitting tickets directly through our website. Tickets will be used to communicate with players regarding bugs, feature requests, and other aspects about the game.

If you haven't made it into testing, feel free to leave your thoughts in our #feedback channel on Discord.

What's Next?

Launching our website was our first big milestone after our initial indirect announcement through RF-Dev. We still have a lot of work to do before we are ready to start introducing testers. Testing will first open to RF-Dev Supporters, and after a couple days of verifying, we will start inviting more and more players in.

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming announcements and other information, and get involved in the community early by joining us on Discord.

Thank you for your support!