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by Ron on Aug 26, 2021 21:45 PM
Banner for Upcoming Game Keys + Looting Hotfixes

Phase Two Keys

It is finally time for the next set of keys! This next drop will be handled a little differently.

A new #game-keys channel has been created on Discord. This new channel is where we will post all upcoming keys.

If you're not in our Discord yet, what are you waiting for? Join now and get ready for the key drops! Joining Discord allows you to discuss what you think about PlayRF with other community members. You will also get the chance to communicate directly with our development team!

Key Schedule

A total of 15 keys will be dropping throughout the weekend.

The first 5 keys arrive tomorrow, August 27th, at 5:00 PM GMT. Click here for a GMT clock.

There will also be two additional unannounced drops over the weekend. Both additional drops will have 5 keys each.

Keys will be updated with a strikeout as we see they are used. We will send a confirmation message after each drop once all keys are used.

Using Your Key

Watch #game-keys in Discord for the key drop, then head over to our Registration Page to claim your key.

We recommend having the registration page pre-filled ahead of the drop. This will allow you to register as quickly as possible after keys become available.

If you were successful, you will be shown a registration confirmation message. If you were too late, our website will advise the key has already been used. Try another key!

Drop Table Improvements

As of this announcement, we have applied our next changes to the drop tables.

Levels of gear dropped by monsters has been brought more inline with the level you are at during normal game progression. We have also applied operation count multipliers for Ace and Elite monsters. Ace monsters have a triple operation count versus their normal counterparts and Elite monsters have a doubled operation count.

Operation Counts? ...

If you're unware of RF drop operation counts, we'll try to briefly explain.

Operation counts are effectively the amount of rolls you get for chances to trigger drops after killing a monster. Each monster has multiple rows of items in the drop table, each with their own item types, rates, and operation counts.

Previously, all looting rows had an operation count multiplier of 1, except booty, which had a multiplier of 2. This was done to help us streamline testing of our drop system changes and removal of the dot system's affect on loot. The side effect is Ace and other monsters do not drop any more loot than a normal monster.

To help address this, we have tripled the existing operation counts for Ace monsters and doubled operation counts of Elite monsters. This means that Ace monsters now have an operation count of 3 for most items with 6 for booty, and Elite now have an operation count of 2 for most items with 4 for booty. Pitbosses and other monster grades still remain at 1 for items and 2 for booty.

Effective drop rates are still the same and only the operation counts were adjusted. Pitbosses are still not optimized and will be accounted for in the future.

If this sounds a little confusing, that's because it is... It is also why it is taking us some time to solve the drop tables. We're making great progress now thanks to the help of custom tools our team is creating to assist with this process.

Drop Table Search

To help with player discovery and verification of drop tables, we have added a Drop Table Search tool to our website. This tool allows you to search for any RF item code throughout the current drop tables.

Searching an item will return a list of results showing which monsters drop the item along with their drop rate and operation count. Operation counts are labeled as Rolls per Kill. Clicking a monster name will take you to the monster's profile page where you can review its full drop table.

If you need a list of RF item and other codes, check out NiteMare's Codes Tool released on RF-Dev.


Our active primary goal is to fully dial in the drop tables. It is important for testers to provide us with as much feedback as possible for each drop table iteration.

We ask that higher level testers create a new character and run through the lower level content once more. The purpose is to help us with verifying the levels of gear dropped are more inline with natural game progression. Our updated drop system allows you to test these on a higher level character as well, but a normal level character for the area is needed to get a sense of the true feel of the drop system changes.

It's important to relay as much feedback as possible as we will continue to focus on drop table optimizations until we feel we have gotten them right. We also look forward to hearing the initial impressions of our drop system from the next group of testers.