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by Ron on Aug 29, 2021 22:45 PM
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  • Mail duplication is corrected.
  • Fix cause of latest server crashes in relation to specific exploit detection methods.
  • Networking adjustments to potentially fix ongoing issues and to assist with further debugging.

Item Looting

  • Global drop table optimizations. Our logic for generation of drop tables has been vastly improved. This will lead to better consistency throughout the full drop table.
  • Operation count multipler has been adjusted to only affect Booty. Operation counts of all other item types are now 1 instead of being multiplied by monster grade.
  • Drop rows with mixed item types have been separated and recategorized by our own proprietary types. This will further increase drop table consistency by allowing us to set rates without worrying about if a single row has different types of items.
  • Website drop table database has been updated with the lastest drop changes. Please review and familiarize yourself with the latest rates as many rows have changed from what they previously were.


  • Ace Bulky Lunker monster size has been decreased to make engaging with them less annoying.
  • John F Carter pitboss spawn has been replaced with an additional Ace Bulky Lunker spawn.


Player Profiles

  • Item toolips changed from string codes to real item names.
  • Added last known map location. Last location is updated periodically while ingame and also on logout.

Monsters / Looting

  • Added monster grades in human friendly format.
  • Searching monsters now supports directly linking a search term by URL. For example:
  • A Copy Search URL button has been added to automatically copy to clipboard a URL for the active search results.


  • Launcher sessions now expire after 7 days of inactivity.
  • Latest News block formatting has been improved and is now easier to read.
  • SEO for page titles and meta descriptions have been improved. Link previews will now show information unique to each page.

Bug Fixes

  • Staff viewing player accounts now see buddies of the viewed account instead of their own buddies.
  • Staff editing player accounts no longer clears the user's email field.
  • Fix registration requests with failing password confirmations still creating the account.
  • Fix fatal error when viewing own or other account profile with a character that has been created but has never logged in.