Posted in Patch Notes
by Ron on Sep 01, 2021 04:31 AM
Banner for Drop Table Improvements

We have deployed a slightly revised drop table. The server has already been restarted to apply the changes.

The website has been updated with latest drop tables. Explore them and let us know your feedback.

Drop Table Changes

  • Gear levels will be a little more optimized. We slightly adjusted our formula for calculating best gear level for each monster.
  • Duplicate items throughout the full drop table are now removed. Monsters will no longer have any duplicates in looting rows, such as booty or potion duplication.
  • Rows with differing item types have been split out by type. This will add further consistency to rates as each row will now drop only one type of items. For example, potions are no longer mixed with reavers. Previously, potions were mixed with reavers causing potions to have drop rates of reavers. Since we are splitting them by type, we can now set an accurate drop rate for potions (currently 3%). The same will apply to any other rows that previously had mixed item types, leading to more globally consistent drop rates.
  • Bellato Lunkers now drop weapons to match other races' Lunkers.
  • Animus reavers have been removed from drop tables. This will slightly increase probability of receiving force reavers since they were on the same row.

Current Rates

As a reminder our current rates are as follows:

  • Booty: 70% (varying operation count by monster grade, all other types have 1 operation count)
  • Resources (Excelsiors): 10%
  • White Gear: 5%
  • Type A Weapons: 2%
  • Intense Gear: 1%
  • Battle Dungeon Keys: 3%
  • Maps: 1% (likely needs adjustment)
  • Potions: 3%
  • Low Grade Accessories: 1%
  • Middle Grade Accessories: .5%
  • Elementals: 0.1%

Expect these to continue to be adjusted until we find the right mix.

Thanks to everyone for your consistent testing and feedback. We are on the home stretch for drops and will soon be able to move to focusing on other areas.