Posted in Patch Notes
by Ron on Sep 04, 2021 19:53 PM
Banner for Core Networking + Game Data Fixes


  • Networking adjustments have been applied. Networking now has all intended performance and security features, but with the previous problems fixed. These problems include monster hang on death, sell failures, skill issues, and others. Please watch closely for any past issues to arise again.


  • Sette portal item requirement has been removed. You can now transfer to Sette at level 40 without requiring VC stones.


  • All quests are now party enabled. If you are questing in a party, quest requirements will now complete for all players in the party with the same quest.


  • 5K potions have been removed from HQ.
  • Low tier potions have been added to field venders, such as the NPC in Bellato Rift Cave near Lunkers. This is intended to help prevent players needing to run back to HQ early grind. More items will be added in the future.
  • Isis reaver has been added to Cora's Force shop.


  • Isis reaver price has been adjusted to be more inline with elite reavers since it is a higher tier animus.
  • Level 1 Hand Axe min/max damage has been corrected. Previously, the min and max values were swapped.