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by Ron on Sep 07, 2021 17:31 PM
Banner for Closed Alpha Phase Two End

Closing Schedule

Phase Two will end Friday, September 10th, at 2:00 PM GMT. The server will remain online in its current state until Friday.

Game Data

Player data will disappear from our website sometime this weekend. Current Phase Two data will reappear on our website sometime next week after we finish some GameCP infrastructure overhauls.

The final Phase Two game backups are being retained as standard protocol but will likely not be used in the next phase. This data will make a return in a future phase.

Completed Goals

Below is a brief overview of the goals met during Phase Two.

AoP Reversion

While AoP brought its own set of improvements, it also brought its own set of problems. We did not like the direction AoP took the 1-50 experience. Certain monsters and maps, such as Volcanic Cauldron, were made easier and adjusted to become more of a solo game. The one feature that led us to AoP in the first place, the quest guidance system, was buggy, inconsistent, and at the end of the day just not very intuitive.

Phase Two opened our eyes to the true state of AoP and reiterated to us that "newer" does not always mean "better". We reverted back to Golden Age early in the phase which enabled us to resume focus on aspects left over from Phase One rather than spending the entire phase benchmarking AoP as originally planned.

As said by Adroit on our Discord, Golden Age remains the golden standard of RF. Our software will continue to support AoP, but PlayRF will continue to remain on 2232 and we are not looking back.

Core Stability

We successfully debugged all past networking problems. The feature set of our networking is back to its intended state. Our client side networking performance improvements are back and full network encryption has been returned.

Core has also now been deemed as stable. We can finally move on from generic game testing and can instead focus on additional fixes and other new functionality.

Drop Tables

We made strides in regards to our progression with drop tables. Scott prototyped an initial drop editing idea and Alyx took it to the next level with full automation and more advanced algorithms. We now have a proprietary tool which allows us to completely overhaul the full drop table against our chosen parameters in a matter of seconds.

Since our logic is largely based upon monster level, some gear gaps have been created within certain areas. Certain items which created difficulty with bulk edits, such as Accretian Launchers, are also currently excluded. We will continue to adjust drops over time to resolve the remaining problems testers have reported to us.

However that being said, our method for management of drops along with our drop system changes have now been proven. Drops will no longer be a primary focus of testing. Later phases will involve retesting global drop tables to verify all gaps have been covered once we solve the remaining areas in the drop table, but for now our focus is moving onto other problems.

Game Launcher

Deployment of our launcher with automatic updating was mostly a success. We did identify some problems related to launcher self updating. We also hit a small logic bug for adjusting hotkeys in regards to 2232 versus AoP version differences.

Our next phase will introduce what we are calling internally as "Launcher V2". The next version will have an overhauled UI framework which will allow us to build a more robust and consistent interface. Adjustment of hotkeys will be back, and we will be addressing the consistency issues of launcher self-update so we can deploy more frequent updates to the launcher in addition to our game data.

Website Improvements

Our website, powered by the RF-Dev GameCP, is constantly evolving. We introduced a few more features to place game data under players' fingertips, such as our new drop table search tool.

All data you see within the website is generated from the raw game data files. As game data changes are made, it takes us only a few seconds to upload these files to the website to update our full game database.

Expect a lot more changes to come that will expose players to more of the game data. Our end vision is a fully self-contained game database that allows you to search through all aspects of RF as it applies to PlayRF, and by extension, any server you play on in the future who chooses to utilize our GameCP.

Moving Forward

We have a lot of work to do before we can start talking about Phase Three. Fortunately, we are now in a state to have the ability to move on to changes that will start bringing our true game vision to life.

Some of this work will include attempts to work around more restricted and usually untouched systems such as crafting. The rest of the work will involve various different aspects that will start tying together our planned unique game design. Expect thoroughly planned changes to what you understand as the typical RF experience.

As always, we truly appreciate the time spent by our current testers. Your feedback has been absolutely crucial to getting through these early phases. We can't thank you enough.

See you in the next phase!