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by Ron on Jul 08, 2021 01:45 AM
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Closed Alpha is starting soon! Find out everything you need to know to get involved with testing the game.

Test Schedule

Testing will start on July 10th at Midnight (GMT+7). Closed Alpha will continue through August until we meet all of our internal goals.

The first few days of testing will be limited to RF-Dev Supporters. We are using a controlled group this weekend to ensure we are ready to bring more players in. We will invite more players going into next week as we pass all of our sanity checks.

Testing will run in phases that focus on specific aspects of the game and meta. An announcement will be made as each testing phase begins and ends. The goals of each phase will be listed within the start announcement. We will touch base on how effective the phase was in the closing announcement and before moving into the next phase.

We do not have deadline for completion of testing. Testing will continue until we are confident we can provide a stable and unique game experience. That being said, we will be working to get through tests as efficiently as possible.

Joining Testing

As this a Closed Alpha, the game is not open to the public directly. Registering an account will require a Game Key. These game keys will resemble the traditional RF game license codes received in the physical game box when RF was first released as a Pay to Play game by CodeMasters.

Game keys will be given out periodically through various methods. Your best chance at obtaining a game key is by joining us on Discord.

Once testing is over and we release, registration will be open and will no longer require a game key.

Data Persistance

All character data will be wiped at the end of Closed Alpha. Character data may be wiped in between test phases depending on what we are working with for that phase. Vote Points will also be reset to zero before release.

Other account data will not be wiped. Your original registration date and all other user data will persist between phases and moving into release. Only your game characters would be affected.

Testing Rewards

Rewards will be given out as a thank-you for players who invest time in testing of the game. Different rewards will be given for different aspects of testing.

These rewards will be cosmetic in nature and will not affect in-game playability in any way. Certain rewards will be displayed alongside your website community profile.

RF-Dev Supporters

All RF-Dev Supporters will receive a game key directly on July 9th. Early access to projects created by the RF-Dev team are one of the many perks we provide to subscribers of our community development forum. Support from the RF-Dev community is what makes this project possible. Special thanks to everyone who has already made the decision to become a Supporter.

If you are interested in the long term life of PlayRF, consider supporting us by subscribing at RF-Dev.

What's Next?

New articles on our website will start getting posted more often. You can also expect to start seeing Dev Logs soon, where we will go into greater detail about our development progress.

Dev Logs will start at the basics and expand out from there, similar to how they went with RF Community. We will start Log #1 with discussing how creating a game account and accessing the game is completely unique here versus any other RF server you have ever played before.

Stay tuned for more news later this week!