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by Ron on Jul 10, 2021 04:12 AM
Banner for Closed Alpha Phase One

Closed Alpha is now live! Read on to learn about our testing goals, instructions, and what we are working on from here.

Phase One Goals

The goals of Phase One are as follows:

  • Verify our GameCP and Launcher are ready for mass public use.
  • Verify leveling curve and difficulty.
  • Verify item drop rates and farming time.

While seemingly trivial, getting these aspects right is key to ensure we can provide a long term, stable game environment and economy. We have made a few specific changes to the leveling and item drop experience that will change the overall grinding feel straight from Level 1.

We will be covering the exact changes on PlayRF versus other servers in upcoming Dev Logs. For now we want players to drop in with zero expectations so we can get a fresh first impression on the initial changes we made versus a typical experience.

Test Instructions

While the full game is available, we request players to stick with testing the aspects listed above. We will move into Phase Two only after each of these three aspects are fully verified.

Additionally, we request players to limit testing to Bellato. You can certainly test other races, however to provide the most thorough and efficient testing possible, it will be best if all testers are on the same race. We will be using the Bellato experience to model changes for other races during later phases.

Client Download

Once registered and logged in, visit our home page, then click Download Game on the left side of the page.

Server Rates

All rates are and will remain 1x. We will adjust the leveling and farming curves by adjustment of the requirements per level and individual item drop rates.

It will take some time to get right, but the end result will be a much more consistent experience. Consistency is key and it is our primary concern with these initial changes.

Obtaining a Game Key

We are working with RF-Dev Supporters for initial testing during Phase One. As we work with our Supporters to build initial feedback, we will slowly start allowing more players in through game key drops.

Game keys will be released through Discord. We will have a mix of pre-announced and random key drops. Your best chance at getting a key is by joining us on Discord.

Testing with our Supporters will run through the weekend. We will start dropping game keys in Discord starting early next week.

Sharing of Information

While we are gating Alpha, we do not require nor expect players to keep what we are working on a secret. Once you make it in, feel free to utilize our #lounge, #feedback, #questions, and other channels on Discord to let us and other players know your thoughts during testing.


A successful Closed Alpha is crucial to the success of PlayRF. Thank you in advance to all players who go out of their way to spend time testing our game. We can't do this without you, and we sincerely appreciate your time.

Thanks for making it this far, and happy testing! See you in-game!