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by Ron on Aug 24, 2021 17:23 PM
Banner for Reverting Back To Golden Age

We have made the decision to revert back to Golden Age (2232).

Reverting Versions

We have put a lot of thought into the current state of AoP since our last announcement. We have also closely monitored feedback from our current testers to help form an unbiased opinion.

After a lot of consideration, we have decided to step away from AoP and revert back to Golden Age. We feel there is just too much backtracking in AoP in regards to our goals with PlayRF. The combined changes in AoP take us a few steps backwards from our goals rather than taking us closer. We are going for a classic inspired game and AoP just doesn't provide that kind of experience.

Check our previous announcement for a more thorough look into the various problems we encountered with AoP.

Server Maintenance

As of this announcement, PlayRF is currently under maintenance. A few website hiccups will occur as we are switching everything back around.

Another announcement will be made once maintenance is completed and we are back on 2232. We expect this to take us just a few hours. We will be back online today and testers will be able to resume playing.

Phase One Data

Our only reason for wiping moving into Phase Two was the switch to AoP. Since this decision is being reverted, we have no reason to maintain the wipe.

After maintenance is completed, your original characters will be back, and you will be able to continue playing starting from where you left off in Phase One.

Phase Two Wipe

That being said, current Phase Two data will be wiped. This is unfortunately the most simplistic way forward.

We sincerely appreciate the time of all players who spent time testing AoP. Your assistance was crucial in regards to this decision being made in a timely manner. Thanks to you, we can more quickly move back to 2232 and resume progression of our game concepts rather than chasing our tails with new problems.

Special Thanks

Listed below are all players who participated in Phase Two on AoP. Levels are listed in brackets.

  • Adroit [35]
  • Alyx [9]
  • Bear [3]
  • BiggusDickus [3]
  • Crafty [1]
  • Crowik [1]
  • Europeanmaid [1]
  • Europeanmind [34]
  • Jaywalker [10]
  • Joboo [25]
  • Machine [1]
  • Mage [18]
  • MASTERY220 [35]
  • Morpheus [2]
  • Nipples [9]
  • NiteMare [13]
  • PooBah [21]
  • RonWarrior [1]
  • Scot [6]
  • Simca [1]
  • Slay [36]
  • Titan [39]
  • Trex [8]
  • Xanster [28]

Your AoP characters are gone but will never be forgotten. Thank you for spending your time to help us progress through our goals.

Game Keys

We need some time to revert back to 2232 and re-confirm the state of the game with current testers. Look forward to a game key drop by this weekend at the latest. We will of course try our best to get these out as soon as we can.

Give us a little more time. They are coming, we promise!