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by Ron on Aug 24, 2021 21:04 PM
Banner for Phase Two on Golden Age

Closed Alpha Phase Two on Golden Age is now live!

Maintenance Completed

Server maintenance has been completed. We are now fully reverted to 2232 and all character data on our website will reflect your data from Phase One.

New Client

One more new full client is required to play. The download link on the Dashboard has been updated to the latest link.

Once you download this last client, our new launcher will keep your client up to date. You will not need to download full clients or patches again unless something goes wrong with our launcher update process.

State of the Game

Everything is now back to as it was on the final day of Phase One. We ask that testers perform some quick sanity testing to make sure everything is as you remember it. For example, item prices and monster levels should all be back to "normal".

RF-Dev Core is now also back in place. We are not running native 2232 anymore and have no reason to do so. Keep in mind that Core may perform some security checks on various player actions. This has potential to cause headaches until we fully optimize all of the checks.

We can confirm that players should not be seeing any latency issues such as what we were seeing at the last provider. Any resetting of position or skill firing problems will be related to RF-Dev Core functionality.

Please use the #feedback channel in Discord to let us know your verbose thoughts. Be sure to let us know anything you are thinking, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Sometimes the smallest observations lead us to fixing the biggest bugs!

Moving Forward

From here we are picking up where we left off with item drops. We're working to further optimize gear levels and the general items received from monsters.

The drop rate system we came up with is still in place, and you will still receive the 100% effective drop rate regardless of your level.

As it stands now, drops are back to our original changes from before we attempted the gear level adjustments. Gear drops will be much higher than your current level and back to typical 2232 items, just with our "fixed" rates. Our goal is to bring all drops closer to your level when normally progressing through the level grind.

Our website monster database has been re-updated with the current drops from each monster. This will be different from the last day of Phase One, so be sure to reference our website to double check monster drop lists.

We will work on finding a better way to report what changes are being made over time so they do not get lost in Discord. This will likely be in the form of an additional news category we will call Patch Notes. More on that in the near future...

Content Caution

Just a small reminder that, for now, we are only focusing on refinement of the goals from Phase One. This includes testing of progression difficulty, currency gain, and item drops.

Other aspects such as quests, items in shops, item prices, and any other area of the game not mentioned above have not yet been adjusted by our team. You will observe some inconsistencies since other areas of the game have not yet been adjusted to fall inline with our game model. Please keep this in mind when reporting feedback.