Posted in Patch Notes
by Ron on Aug 25, 2021 14:33 PM
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  • Monsters will no longer become frozen on death.
  • Buffs will now properly register and display when used.
  • Party window HP will now properly update.

Item Looting

  • Gear levels for item drops have been optimized.
  • Drops for gear above level 50 have been reduced to 50.

Race Specific


  • Launcher armor for levels 4, 7, 10, and 13 have been corrected and are now functional in-game.


  • The monster database has been updated with the latest item looting data.
  • The Latest News block has been adjusted for better readability.
  • Future changes made will be posted within this new Patch Notes section.

Known Problems

  • Launcher keybind adjustment does not currently work.
  • ACE monster loot is not yet optimized and still drop similarly to their regular counterparts.
  • Pitboss loot is also not yet optimized.
  • Loot changes were done with custom tool logic. There is potential for some items to have been missed or for other adjustments to still be needed.